A cost- and space-efficient parking house for bicycles, scooters and other means of light transport with top of the line safety measures.

The Cyklon bicycle parking house is a cost- and space-efficient solution for the bicycle and other light mobility parking needs designed specifically for the needs of modern residential buildings, shopping centers and public buildings. The Cyklon bicycle parking house is highly customizable, easy to access and safe to use.

Bicycle parking houses are safe and space-efficient ways to solve the challenges of bicycle parking in private and high-density public spaces. The Cyklon concept includes numerous additional features and services such as a high-security locking system, battery charging, service and washing facilities and solar energy recovery. Dedicated space specialty bicycles can be included.

For riders, the ease of use and safety are the most important features for bicycle parking. Parking and pick-up must also be quick and effortless in terms of accessibility. Cyklon has also paid a lot of attention to the safe locking of the bike rack.

Cyklon bicycle parking houses embody the highest architectural qualities. The facade of each parking house is designed and adapted to suit it’s environmental context and the cityscape around it. This is why Cyklon parking houses are at home next to new buildings or existing properties.

Cyklon parking houses offer a unique way to organize bicycle parking in private or public places in a cost- and space-efficient way. The light structure allows the Cyklon bicycle parking garage to be placed, for example, on a patio deck.

Our bicycle parking houses are covered by a community design right in the EU (RCD 009054232-0001)

Our bicycle rack is a Community Design Right protected in the EU (RCD 009054224-0001)