Biketti Oy

Biketti Oy was founded at the end of 2021 to solve the parking challenges that have emerged as urban cycling continues to grow increasingly popular around the world. We have noticed how property owners and developers have become aware of the need to accommodate the growing masses of riders in their already space-constrained properties. At the same time, riders expect accessibility, ease of use and safety from bicycle parking. We have solved these challenges with our Biketti bicycle parking house concept.

The founders of Biketti are experienced professionals with from the fields of construction planning, urban environment planning, concept design, and economics and finance.

The company designs and develops safe parking solutions and buildings for the storage of bicycles, electric scooters and other small personal transporters.

BIKETTI exists to answer the need for high-quality bicycle parking in urban spaces

Cities want to promote the use of sustainable modes of transport which in turn requires an increased commitment to provide bicycle parking.

All around the world, countries and local communities have begun to encourage cycling by means such as tax incentives which has had a very strong impact on the growth of cycling as a primary means of transportation in urban areas. At the same time the popularity of electric bicycles has grown exponentially.

Electric bicycles is quickly becoming a leading mode of private transportation between home and the workplace in urban areas. At the same time, the amount of money spent on bicycles has grown considerably, all of which raises the level of requirements for bicycle parking solutions. Valuable bicycles need high-quality storage facilities designed and built specifically for bicycle parking.

Traditionally, high-quality bicycle parking is expensive in terms of space and money. Biketti exists to change all of this by making bicycle parking both space- and cost-efficient for developers and property owners all the while making it accessible, comfortable and safe for riders.

By making bicycle parking easy and safe, we promote carbon-free traffic and participate in the fight against climate change.